Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Green Calendars

Green Calendars

Fertile Prayers: Daily Fertile Prayers calendar

Fertile Prayers: Silent Infection

The first calendar I published was Fertile Prayers: Daily Fertile Prayers now at Authorhouse or Amazon. The second was Molested: Prayers by D. White (pen name) on Woestowows Devotions website.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Paper from calendars can be mixed with kudzu for new paper. To learn more look for THE BOOK OF KUDZU by William Shurtleff.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Music calendars

There doesn't seem to be musical calendars celebrating sound. Calendars are all about visuals and not about sound?

365 days of pictures or jokes or puzzles but no songs?

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Time and how difficult it is to make a difference

That is all about what calendars are about. When 9/11 happened, my sister and I put together a calendar honoring and encouraging soldiers. The Pentagon had been hit, and all these calendars and accolades for fire fighters and police were all over the place including stamps. We didn't see anything for the military. So we honored them. We didn't cover costs so our big dream of donating to a fund for scholarships for children of fallen soldiers never happened. Maybe people are more willing now.

If you think you might like to honor a soldier, please consider contacting any branch of service and donating money to scholarships for their children. When they lose a parent, they lose more than love; these children lose a calendar of opportunities.

Two wonderful books for all soldiers are Taming Oedipus by Herb Wagemaker, and The Practice of Dream Healing by Edward Tick. I learned the hard way that finding an audience for military calendars is not so easy. Who wants a calendar with people in uniform? Are you afraid to comment?

Charlotte Fairchild uses Calendars

by Charlotte Fairchild

Calendar (new possibilities for old calendars) Copyright Jan. 3, 2005
1. book markers, laminated, or not.
2. placemats, laminated or not.
3. tablecloths (don’t cut after laminating)
4. coasters
5. art on the wall
6. cards for games
7. get well cards
8. Holiday cards
9. decoupage on anything
10. wallies to decorate walls
11. soap art (dip in hot wax for them to be waterproof on one side)
12. puzzles (glue to cardboard, and cut out the shapes)
13. paperback book covers
14. origami
15. paper airplanes
16. decals for windows (use contact paper)
17. diary
18. scrap paper
19. cover boxes
20. cover bottles
21. inspiration for poetry/books/letters/art/music
22. art for blank books
23. art on pillows, shirts or quilts (transfer copies)
24. paper dolls
25. backdrop for aquariums (it changes with the seasons)
26. backdrop for window art hanging
27. backdrop for puppetry
28. backdrop for paper dolls
29. seasonal decals for any window
30. refrigerator art
31. paper chains for Christmas trees (lines are easy to follow for cutting)
32. Christmas ornaments of all types (spheres, boxes, shapes and sizes)
33. Decorative plates (not dishwasher/microwave safe)
34. Educational (health calendars kept in first aid kit)
35. Beauty calendars kept in make up notebook
36. joke calendars kept in office bulletin boards
37. math, travel, puzzle and joke calendars kept in car for trips
38. calendar recycle with print out of next year
39. name tags
40. lining paper for drawers (spray with perfume for a scent)
41. wrapping paper for gifts
42. tissue paper for gift bags
43. envelopes for letters
44. cutting practice for little hands
45. frames for other pictures
46. wall paper
47. home made paper
48. kindling
49. inspiration for dreams
50. inspiration for prayers
51. inspiration for _________
52. paper clothes for dolls/people living on the edge
53. insulation for warmth (inside clothes, or for drafty clothes
54. museum of calendars
55. history of health concerns
56. history/memory of life/shots for pets/family
57. stickers (buy some glue)
58. earrings
59. pins, beads, necklaces and jewelry of any shape/size/possibility
60. luggage art
61. clock face (take the clock apart glue picture on, and then put it together)
62. room divider art (either glue to strings and pin tacks in the ceiling, or buy wood and glue calendar pictures on)
63. masks for Mardis Gras
64. masks for Halloween
65. decorations for any holiday
66. four seasons art
67. business folder art
68. stepping stone art (waterproof with lamination)
69. roll it up, and make a fast burning candle (no wick needed)
70. compost (only black and white calendars)
71. laminate/hang in the garden as art (if your flowers don’t grow, use flower pictures)
72. cushion to protect bottom in the woods from dirt and grass stains
73. cushion between china plates
74. packing material for postage boxes
75. shoe insole liners
76. fly swatters
77. noise makers
78. hand held fans
79. mulch for plants (try to throw under the leaves or chips)
80. paper flowers
81. insulation for homeless against the cold
82. stationary
83. rabbit cage lining
84. spray paint back drop for crafts
85. dust pan (in a pinch)
86. trivet for hot edibles (in a pinch)
87. shim (level any table, desk, wobbly piece of furniture)
88. wrap fish, but only when fishing with no newspaper
89. insulate groceries
90. protect surfaces from damp damage (as in car seats with frozen groceries)
91. conversation starter (did you get a new calendar, what will you do with your old one?)
92. advertising/phone number reminder
93. proof that one does have a busy life
94. cover a brick to use as a doorstop
95. wrap fruit
96. wrap fresh vegetables
97. smush bug under (place calendar on a bug, and then step on the calendar)
98. decorate old cd’s with pictures and hang or use as coasters
99. cut pattern and make lampshade for lamp
100. use the grid for tick-tac-toe with checkers or squares from the calendar
101. glue on shades to decorate window shades
102. make them into Christmas cards!
103. make picture books for kids of all ages
104. Most of these ideas can also be used for Christmas Cards!
105. Decorate Christmas trees with pictures from calenders or use for paper chain!
106. Book covers.
107. With directions, a spy glass
108. A makeshift tube for a musical instrument
109. A makeshift card game (involves cutting and drawing)
110. Ceiling Art.
111. connecting calendars
112. giving calendars
113. Kudzu Kalendar for superplant fans
114. Calendar love letters
115. Dream record on a calendar
116. Jung: Dreams on your calendar

117. Clock face that is changeable with a calendar as the face