Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Time and how difficult it is to make a difference

That is all about what calendars are about. When 9/11 happened, my sister and I put together a calendar honoring and encouraging soldiers. The Pentagon had been hit, and all these calendars and accolades for fire fighters and police were all over the place including stamps. We didn't see anything for the military. So we honored them. We didn't cover costs so our big dream of donating to a fund for scholarships for children of fallen soldiers never happened. Maybe people are more willing now.

If you think you might like to honor a soldier, please consider contacting any branch of service and donating money to scholarships for their children. When they lose a parent, they lose more than love; these children lose a calendar of opportunities.

Two wonderful books for all soldiers are Taming Oedipus by Herb Wagemaker, and The Practice of Dream Healing by Edward Tick. I learned the hard way that finding an audience for military calendars is not so easy. Who wants a calendar with people in uniform? Are you afraid to comment?

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